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my etsy shop

I opened my Etsy shop back in 2016. 

Political tension was high and I had made myself an anger induced mug after watching one of the debates. Next thing you know, my friends are asking me to make them custom expletive mugs to show how they felt about the then President-elect.

I thought, "Hey... maybe I can find one or two people online who would be interested in buying these, too!" 

Well, one or two people ended up being 76 and counting. It has been an overwhelming experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Since the mugs are a bit more time-consuming, I decided to add digital prints to my shop in 2017. To date, I have sold more than 300 of my "I see London, I see France" prints (and it's been repinned over 1k times on Pinterest!)

I try to update my Etsy shop as much as I can, constantly finding new quirky and fun items to add to my home and share with others who may want them in their homes as well.

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