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5 Reasons Why I'm Excited for Alt Summit 2019

Ashley Perssico laying on a tan carpet wearing an orange dress and denim jacket. She has her mouth opened in a surprised look with her hands covering her eyes. Her long brown hair is laying on the floor above her, carefully spelling out "Alt" with the long strands.

I am incredibly honored to be attending Altitude Summit, more commonly known as Alt Summit or even just Alt, this year thanks to my employer, Constant Contact.

While this INFJ gal is a certified homebody and is admittedly just a tad bit (read: completely) terrified of making the long trip out to Palm Springs for a super social week-long event, there are so many things to be excited about!

But, before I get started…

What is Alt Summit?

Altitude Summit hails themselves as being "THE premiere conference for creative entrepreneurs and stylish social media influencers." Judging by the pictures I've seen from past Alt events, they aren't kidding! These conferences are basically a haven for creativity. Just imagine a massive gathering of the best-dressed women, most of whom also happen to be internet superstars, chatting about the ins and outs of things like Instagram, blogging, photography, graphic design, how to be a momtrepreneur and more.

The craziest thing about Alt Summit? Pinterest was basically born there. According to their website, "Ben Silbermann, the founder [of Pinterest], attended [Altitude Summit] in the hopes of meeting beta testers for his new little website. And he found them." Insane, right?! And to think you may have even landed on this blog post thanks to Pinterest! What a wonderful cycle.

Why am I attending Alt Summit?

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the company that is sending me to Alt Summit in the first place!

I am incredibly passionate about my work. Working for Constant Contact, it's easy to be passionate when you are constantly championing for small businesses.

Constant Contact is a sponsor of Alt Summit Oasis 2019 and I'm lucky enough to be making the trip out to Palm Springs to represent the social media team. If you will be at Alt Summit this year, come visit me in the Constant Contact booth located in Salon I of the Riviera Hotel!

Not attending? No worries! Be sure to follow Constant Contact on Twitter and Instagram so you can join in on the fun. I'll also be sharing some fun sneak peeks on my own Twitter and Instagram throughout the week!

There are so many reasons to be excited for Alt Summit

1. It's in Palm Springs

I've only been to the west coast once. I was 13 or so when my parents and I took a vacation out to San Diego with a few pit stops in Laguna Beach and Los Angeles. I used to love traveling. My dad jokes that it was impossible to get me on a plane before I was 11, but then once I got a taste of flying I never wanted to stop. That is, until I somehow reverted back to being scared once I hit my 20s haha. Traveling now involves a lot of anti-anxiety medication and distractions. This is going to be my first solo trip ever so if you have any travel tips you swear by, make sure to send them my way!

That being said, Palm Springs looks like it's going to be absolutely GORGEOUS. As I write this from my very cold Massachusetts home, it is in the 80s in Palm Springs. I'm certainly looking forward to some sun and warmth! Plus, every picture of Palm Springs online is basically a postcard. Unbelievably tall palm trees and – my God – all of the beautifully vibrant front doors! I think it's going to be a trip to remember. I'm already trying to decide how many SD cards I should pack for my camera...

2. Everything is picture perfect

As if Palm Springs itself wasn't already screaming to be photographed, Alt Summit seems to do a fantastic job of making the event itself seem like an Instagram post come to life. The Saguaro Hotel, in particular, is a vibrant piece of art. I have been scouring the internet for photos of past conferences since the second I found out that I would be going, and I quickly came to realize that it's not just the buildings or landscapes that are picture perfect… so are the people! Seriously, it's like Alt Summit brings together the most beautiful people with the most amazing closets! I'm definitely going to have to step up my fashion game for this trip.

3. The opportunity to meet awesome people

I've already connected with so many wonderful women thanks to the Alt Summit app and Facebook Group, but now I can't wait to meet everyone in-person! This event brings together people from all sorts of creative backgrounds, from marketing to photography, graphic design to retail store owners, all of whom come together to share their best tips and tricks on how to be successful. Seriously, who wouldn't be excited about being surrounded by such talented women? I've read several post-event blogs recapping what attendees have learned from Alt Summit and on more than one occasion writers have mentioned that they made life-long friends and mentors!

4. Learning from the pros

Since I am attending the event on behalf of my employer, I probably won't be attending many of the workshops or roundtables that I would have put on my list if I was going on my own. However, I'm definitely going to be able to sneak away for a few events and I can't wait! I mean, who could miss a keynote from Joanna Gaines?! I mainly just can't wait to hear from some of the best in the business. These are women who have been through it all and lived to tell the tale. As someone who is just getting started, this conference could be life changing. I have very high expectations and I don't think I'll be let down!

5. Collecting everyone's awesome business cards and swag bags

Everything I've seen or read so far about this year's event leads me to believe that I will be coming home with a lot more than I'm flying out with! Between everyone's absolutely gorgeous business cards (looking at you, Alicia Bruce!) and all of the talk around having to "leave extra room in the suitcase" for swag bags, I'm excited to see what I'll be lucky enough to bring home. I ordered my own business cards from MOO and opted for a very minimalist style, saving a ton of white space for me to doodle on. I'm saving that for my plane activity to keep me busy, but I thought it would be a great way to make each business card as unique as the attendees I'll be giving them to!

Do you need business cards? Use my referral link to get 25% off!

Are you going to Alt Summit this year?

Let's meet up! I want to fully take advantage of this dreamy week in the desert with the best of the best. Connect with me on the Alt Summit app or shoot me a direct message on Instagram!

Also, feel free to drop a comment below to share what you're most excited for.

See you there!

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